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Mp3 of the Week Club?

Hello Mezclamusica!

Don't see too many posts around here, do we? Which is a shame, because this would be one of my favourite communities. Music + Computers really does = sexy. But, I'm posting now because I had... an idea the other day... a neat way for us to get new music to each other. If you agree with me that is... this is just a proposal. I hope it stimulates.

What I'm talking about is what I would call the Mp3 of the Week Club. Which we can have right here, with the small but compact community of music freaks we have. The process would be thus: Those who want to take part, would post a new, fresh mp3 to Mezcalmusica once a week, on an agreed day. It's a low-fi, low-effort way to share musical love when you may not have the time to make mix tapes... a way to hear something new from similar or different minds every day of the week... of the month... of the year, if there's the enthusiasm!

How does one 'post' an Mp3 here? By, as a simple answer. If you fill out the form and email the mp3 you want to share to yourself, you will be sent a link which the song can be downloaded from. Post the link here, and you have shared the Mp3 with the rest of us!

If I were making the post, I'd give the info of the artist, song name, genre, and why I'm sharing it. But that's just me.

So, that was my 'anyone interested?' post. If anyone IS interested... post back. Reply. And we'll get some kind of system sorted so folk have different days to post on. If not... I understand :)
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