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Mp3 of the Week Club, pt. II

Hello Mezclamusica!

This is a follow-up to the post I made the other day, concerning a scheme I'd dreamed up to swap and share music, when mix tapes / CDs might take too much time.

A big thank-you to everyone who responded. I can see there's interest in the idea. But, I can also see this doesn't apply to the majority of users signed up to mezclamusica, and I wouldn't want to usurp the purpose of this group for my own. So... all you dashing boys and girls who want to take part in this thing called the 'Mp3 of the Week Club', you can now do so at a new LJ community, mp3otwclub.

If you head over to the community info page, you can read up on what's happening, join, and all the rest. There isn't much else for me to say here so - hope to see some of you around. I'll still be posting my own CD mixes (when I make them) here, of that you can have no doubt! :-)

We now return to your regular programming.
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